Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Seems that all 30 GB Microsoft Zune players bricked themselves at midnight this morning (as 12/30 became the 31st).

30GB Zunes mysteriously begin to fail at 12AM, December 31st
The failures are coming 24-hours ahead of the big '09 changeover, but that hasn't stopped Zune aficionados from dubbing this unfortunate flaw "Z2K."

In other news, my iPod is still working fine :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Back-Button To The Future

Back-Button to the Future

They had me at "manipulating the temporal web." Essentially the next evolution of the Wayback Machine, and if it works as advertised I'm blown away...

Check out the video demo.

Mouse @ 40

40 years of pointing and clicking
The original mouse was quite large, barely fitting in the user's hand, but Engelbart envisioned that you would keep one hand on the mouse at all times and the other on a special one-handed keyboard instead of a standard QWERTY-styled model.

Check out the photo with the article...that thing is a brick!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Why Apple Is Great at Interfaces

Why Apple is great at interfaces when others are not
Did anyone at Microsoft think of pleasure when designing Vista's awful UAC? Did anyone at anywhere think about pleasure when designing old mobile phone interfaces, a kludge of menus, scrolling, button pressing and nested icons?

Questions of the Year

Top "question" searches of the year from (Yes, they still exist...) Top Queries
1. How do I get pregnant?
2. How do I lose weight?
3. How do I write a resume?
4. How much is minimum wage?
5. How much is my car worth?
6. How do I change my name?
7. What is the meaning of life?
8. How do I register to vote?
9. Why is the sky blue?
10. How do I download videos?

Tells you a little bit about the people who still type in full "how do I ______ ?" style quesitons into a search engine...

(via Webware)