Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why can't Apple and Microsoft play nice?

Having issues with iWeb formatting text that had me up most of last night:

Took me 90 minutes to figure out that it wasn't playing nice with copy/pasted text from MS Word (even if reformatted in iWeb). Probably a better way to work around this, but best fix I've come up with is copying, pasting into TextEdit, recopying to convert to plain text, re-pasting into iWeb, and reformatting. Not sure who's fault it is (Microsoft, Apple, or mine), but it sucks when I thought I was done and now having to reformat 70+ pages. Guess it's time for me to really learn how to code...

(I do find it hilarious in a painfully ironic way that Google's contextual ads look at this mess and decide to offer up "Download Adobe Acrobat 8")

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1.1.4 & Starbucks Connection

Apple just dropped iPhone 1.1.4 moments ago; I'm upgrading as I type this.

Also, another story is floating around that Starbucks is closing all of their stores tonight at 5:30pm local time for a special 3 hour employee training session. Coincidence?

Coffee chain to close all 7,100 stores for employee training.

One BILLION Dollars

Analysts at Marketwatch speculate Apple is losing buckets of money due to iPhone unlocking:
Sacconaghi estimated that between 25% and 30% of the more than 4 million iPhone units already sold have been unlocked to work on other wireless networks, and that each unlocked iPhone results in Apple's missing out on $370 in earnings over the phone's two-year contract period. If Apple were to hit its 10 million-unit sales target, the unlocked devices would cause the company to forgo between $1.1 billion and $1.3 billion over two years, he said.

But a blogger at disputes the math with much aplomb:
Which is why -- and, jeez, how many times does the Macalope have to say this? -- it makes absolutely no sense to say that Apple is losing this money. If these phones are in countries where Apple has no contract, the only thing you can say is that Apple should get an exclusive contract there faster (easier said than done). If they're being used by people who just don't like the exclusive provider Apple's signed with, then these are people they'll never get anyway.

(Quick little postscript: I'd never noticed the "live updating" stock quotes inside a story at MarketWatch before. Pretty slick.)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Danger Dogs

Interesting (and entertaining) LA Weekly article on street vendors, guilty pleasures, and governmental double-standards.


Be sure not to skip the comments. My favorite:
In Germany you can get grilled hot dogs at every hot dog stand and at many corners from carts. Especially in Berlin. What is the matter with the Americans... so many are fat, probably from boiling hot dogs, but won't allow any one to have a well tasting hot dog. This country is getting duller by the minute. And to jail people for broiling hot dogs... what a country. In the meantime Bush and his cronies, who have and still are killing thousands, are strutting around like peacocks, when they should be jailed and sent to Guantanamo forever, demonstrating the joys of Waterboarding for a paying public.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Benefits of eBooks

March 2 - March 8 is "Read an eBook" week. Timely Persuasion is scheduled to be released February 29 (jury duty permitting.) I think I smell a connection...

In the meantime, I like how this article on eBooks acknowledges (and actually hopes) they never replace paper books, but still manages to give a long list of compelling reasons why both can live together side by side.

30 Benefits of Ebooks

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Put the Consipracy Theory Down and Walk Slowly Away From Your Computer...

Hey team. Just to counterbalance my previous comment on the possibility of something fishy going on with the communication cables being cut, here's another take on what could be happening over in the Mid-East. I am still leaning towards malfeasance of some kind but I think this is a pretty even-handed look of what's going on over there. From Wired.

"As a security guy, I'm paranoid, but I don't understand the threat model here. On the other hand, four accidental failures in a week is a bit hard to swallow, too. Let's hope there will be close, open examination of the failed parts of the cables."

My favorite among the comments:
"I really don't care what they find when they pull those cables up... long as it isn't bite marks."

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Text Toilet

The US probably isn't quite ready for this yet, but with Finland's cellphone penetration up over 100% it's a brilliant idea.

Use SMS to Unlock Public Restrooms
If you need to use the facilities, people just need to send the word "open" to a short code listed at the bathroom, and the door is unlocked remotely. If the room is vandalized, a short-term record of the phone number that unlocked the door prior to the vandalism can help authorities track down the vandals.

(via 4Info Mobile Search Blog)

The Internet is Down!

Shows what a fragile world of technology we live in...

Internet failure hits two continents

-Extensive Internet failure has affected much of Asia, the Middle East, north Africa
-Two undersea cables believed damaged, possibly by a ship's anchor
-It has caused major disruptions to business, television and phone services
-Several reports say damaged cable in the Mediterranean could take a week to fix