Sunday, March 08, 2009

DST - 56 Ways

EDIT: Feb 2023. Blogger took down this 14 year old post for violating content guidelines. Best guess was one of the acronyms cited here could make a bot think it was a different kind of blog. I tried redacting part of the word before resubmitting in case that was in fact the technicality that triggered the takedown. (Blogger mods—if it’s something else please comment with the specifics!)

Rather than recount my annual rant, this year I thought I'd present a list of other DSTs.

I suppose this could also be titled "Acronym Overkill"

DST Daylight Saving Time
DST Destination
DST Destination Host
DST Direction De La Surveillance Du Territoire (French MI-5)
DST Department of Science & Technology
DST Dedicated Service Tools
DST Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc
DST Dexamethasone Suppression Test
DST Drill Stem Test (Oil Field)
DST Decision Support Tools
DST Doença Sexualmente Transmissível
DST Digital Signature Trust (Zion Bankcorporation)
DST Discrete Sine Transform
DST Double-Shell Tank
DST Drive Self Test
DST Dynamical Systems Theory
DST Directorate of Science and Technology (US CIA)
DST Data Storage Technology
DST Decision Support Template
DST Deep Space Transponder
DST Dynamic Stress Test
DST Digital Signature Trust Company (Salt Lake City, UT)
DST Dynamic Solvency Testing (actuarial/insurance)
DST Deployment Support Team (US Army)
DST District Support Teams (Army Corps of Engineers)
DST Data Storage and Transfer
DST Doctor of Sacred Theology
DST Deputy Sheriff Trainee
DST Data Support Team
DST Double Set Trigger (target rifle feature)
DST Direct Support Team
DST Defense Suppression Threat
DST Data Systems Test
DST Diode Split Transformer
DST Device Signal Tag
DST Data Systems Technician
DST Dynamic Screen Transparency
DST Daughters of Saint Thomas
DST Dedicated System Time
DST Downsized Tester
DST Disaster Services Technology (American Red Cross)
DST Daily Slot Tournament (seen in casino ads and signs)
DST Digital Serial Transceiver
DST Dependent Student Travel
DST Defense & Space Talks
DST Denford Small Tools
DST Dirty South Thugs
DST Dissemination Services Team
DST Dog*** Style Tattoo (tattoo on the small of the back)
DST Designated Surface Target
DST Digital Switch Terminal (Alcatel)
DST Digital Serving Test Center (AT&T)
DST Discarding Sabot with Trace
DST Division Summary Tool
DST Define Substrate Technology (assessment of the potability of drinking water)
DST Dominion Soil Thunder Bay (Canadian engineering firm)

(via The Free Dictionary)