Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Time Machine Video

Found a great (though somewhat cheesy)time machine documentary on google video.

The theory is that time travel into the past on very small particles is now feasible. If we could encode information onto said particles, then we could technically send information into the past, but only so far back as the "time machine" has been invented.

Thus, when it is finally created, it may suddenly be flooded with messages from the future. This scientist's theory is that Einstein was correct about black holes - but that laser light itself is actually much more effective at twisting space/time.

Thought Jake of All Trades might really appreciate this. The video is 45 minutes.

Time Machine


Jake of All Trades said...

Neat. The "you can travel only as far back as the time machine has been turned on for" is like in the movie Primer, which is probably the most realistic time travel movie when it comes to plausible theory.

SpaceMonkeyMojo said...

When can I read your time travel book? I'll give you my script if you give me your book...