Friday, August 08, 2008

Lost & Found

Thought this was pretty cool.

Just got an email from the Coachella festival. Starts off as a typical marketing "touching base" type email, but it includes this section:

Once again we have successfully reunited many people with their lost items. We still have an assortment of random stuff so please email if you are looking for an ID, Wallet or anything else and check out these links:

Keys & Misc:

Each link has a photograph to numbered items from lost and found, with a note that if it's yours to email the number and something that can prove it is yours (what's inside a bag, what photos may be on a camera, etc.)

A nice little above and beyond customer service touch.

(Though I don't know how one can describe: "Hey! That's my iPod dock and charger!" in a unique way...)

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