Saturday, September 03, 2016

Atlantic Standard Time

One potentially small victory versus daylight savings?

Should Massachusetts switch to Atlantic Standard Time?

“I wasn’t prepared for it,” Emswiler said. “I just think it’s miserable when the sun sets at 4 o’clock. . .  On a cloudy day, it starts getting dark at 3:50-something.”
He eventually penned a column for The Boston Globe in 2014, listing some of the potential benefits of extending Atlantic Standard Time, one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time, through the fall and winter. After all, he argues, we’re already essentially in that time zone for most of the year, through daylight saving time.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Much Of The World Doesn't Do Daylight Saving Time. How Come?

Much Of The World Doesn't Do Daylight Saving Time. How Come?

One More Weird Thing...
Some places play with time for their own reasons. A resort in Madagascar called Anjajavy wanted the sun to rise later and set earlier, so they created their own time zone — an hour ahead of the rest of Madagascar — for a later sunset hour. Visitors have to change their watches to Anjajavy time. Says the hotel's website: "A time peculiar to Anjajavy the lodge was created so that we are better adjusted to the natural cycles of the reserve and the village. Therefore, at 5 pm lemurs naturally join us in the Oasis garden to take advantage the foliage. It is fresh hour, right in time for the "5 O'clock tea."

via NPR 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Kindred Spirit

We all know how I feel about Daylight Saving Time.

This guy feels it too:

Often I see folks use an EST or an MST during Daylight Savings Time.  It never feels appropriate to explain this to them at the time.  So, I’m hoping by explaining it to everyone here that no one ends up feeling singled out or criticized.

Difference is I always feel the need to call people out on it for the betterment of society.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Retire Daylight Savings

via The CNN 10: Ideas

This gets my vote!
Yes, we can turn back time. There's a way to end seasonal clock confusion and eliminate jet lag. All it would take is doing away with daylight saving and splitting the continental United States in two time zones: East and West, an hour apart.
Retire Daylight Savings & Create 2 Time Zones -- West & East

The original article CNN references gets even juicier...

The US needs to retire daylight savings and just have two time zones—one hour apart
It would seem to be more efficient to do away with the practice altogether. The actual energy savings are minimal, if they exist at all. Frequent and uncoordinated time changes cause confusion, undermining economic efficiency. There’s evidence that regularly changing sleep cycles, associated with daylight saving, lowers productivity and increases heart attacks. Being out of sync with European time changes was projected to cost the airline industry $147 million a year in travel disruptions.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Daylight Parenthetical

Loved the parenthetical in this LA Times story about the eclipse.  Basically says "Yes, I know we're in Daylight Time now, but we won't be then..."
Those of us on the West Coast will have to get up early if we want to see the total eclipse as it happens. The Slooh broadcast begins at 3:45 a.m. PST Sunday. (We will have just set our clocks back as we moved from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time). 
Semi-related:  I was flying back to LA from the World Series celebration in Boston on Saturday and my plane was delayed multiple times due to the incident.  At one point I was supposed to land at 1am.  Then I got delayed again and was scheduled to land at 1:55am -- which basically meant I was still landing at 1am...

Time travel is awesome...DST is not.