Monday, September 04, 2006

Death By Google Calendar

Just re-posting an article on Slashdot.
"I find it utterly stupid that people display their lives online. As a simple study, I did some digging on Google Calendar. Now, keep in mind that I am somewhat tech-savvy but I used no skills for this. Everything I found in this case was simply a result of a Google Search, an additional search on Travelocity and a 411 call. There was nothing to this at all."

I like Google Calendar and use it, but in this age of Myspace tell-it-alls, there really needs to be a class in junior high or something that teaches kids how to maintain their privacy.

After all, the magic sword is forever imprinted in my past...

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Jake of All Trades said...

Funny how some of those tips seem to relate to general Surfer training, minus the evil intent. That blog is pretty good too.

PS: This magic sword? ;)