Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Visualizing Search Results

There's quite a few of these alternative search engines now ...quite a lot more than I imagined, actually.

This is an interesting collection of visually based search engines - The crystal one is particularly strange but ingenious somehow at the same time.

Heres a pic of a crystal visual search engine result.


Unknown said...

searchCrystal uses a target or bull's-eye display: the more engines that find the same result, the closer toward the center it is placed.
searchCrystal shows you the quality of the results and guides you toward relevant results:
a) the more engines that find a result and the more highly they rank it, the better the result;
b) the greater the agreement between the search engines, the better the quality of results.
Try the free full version, which lets you compare 50-500 results in a single display, you can filter and annotate results and use it as a powerful research and competitive tool.

BoRyan said...

Is it just me or was the above comment left by an automated bot for SEARCHCRYSTAL.

I've heard about that happening, but that's pretty cool to actually see it on our blog.

Unless it's a regular old representative of searchcrystal...