Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Scold the cell squawkers

Scold the cell squawkers
A woman at the Rose Cafe shouted her eyeglass order into her cell -- going into great detail about her family's medical plan (they have flexible spending; they'll pay after the first of the year). So I blogged her conversation, including her phone number, and she got calls from around the world: "Eva, your glasses are ready!" I'm guessing she has newfound respect for others' profound disinterest in her life.

Barry sure does. He shouted his number across a Venice Starbucks. I went home and called it: "Barry, I know everything about you but your blood type." Next time I saw him, he took his calls outside.

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SpaceMonkeyMojo said...

Love this. People who converse on the phone while ordering food in the subway sandwich line also really irritate me.