Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Macworld Prediction

Thought of this yesterday afternoon and wanted to get it "on the record" before the keynote. I have no insider information and have not seen this specific prediction elsewhere; it's just a personal guess based on the "There's Something In The Air" slogan and connecting a few existing dots.

-A MacBook (and/or the rumored subnotebook) with a built-in HSDPA modem for high speed data access on the AT&T network. It would leverage Apple's existing carrier relationships, give them a new slice of coveted subscription revenue, and simplify the usually clunky process of activating and configuring an aircard.

We'll see what develops soon enough. Feel free to mock or praise me in the comments.


SpaceMonkeyMojo said...

Though I'm not mocking you...I feel a little underwhelmed by this. Ultimately we as consumers will have simple and "unclunky" access to whatever wireless data network we choose...the fact that AT&T is getting in bed with Apple now could bite them later when several superior competing networks will offer service to whoever wants it. And that means machines that aren't married to an exclusive network.

For now its fine...just doesn't really seem like a "breakthrough."

Jake of All Trades said...

I deserve mocking since I was wrong :)

Generally agree that Apple and AT&T being in bed is both a blessing and a curse today, but suspect it will even out eventually. By the time the 5 year exclusivity period ends, with any luck all of the carriers will be on track with 4G LTE technology based on GSM, giving Apple leverage to do an unlocked "iPhone 2.0" and/or integrated data card that could be carrier agnostic and only require a SIM of a consumer's choosing.