Friday, September 19, 2008

Hacking: iNetNow Style

I couldn't resist this one - reminded me of one of those long lost iNetNow questions.

Perhaps we should have started hiring hackers...

Article: Hacking Sarah Palin's Yahoo account

This article gives a first-hand account of how the hacking of Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account was performed.

An excerpt:

"after the password recovery was reenabled, it took seriously 45 mins on wikipedia and google to find the info, Birthday? 15 seconds on wikipedia, zip code? well she had always been from wasilla, and it only has 2 zip codes (thanks online postal service!)

the second was somewhat harder, the question was "where did you meet your spouse?" did some research, and apparently she had eloped with mister palin after college, if youll look on some of the screenshits [sic] that I took and other fellow anon have so graciously put on photobucket you will see the google search for "palin eloped" or some such in one of the tabs.

I found out later though more research that they met at high school, so I did variations of that, high, high school, eventually hit on "Wasilla high" I promptly changed the password to popcorn and took a cold shower..."

Straightforward stuff.

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