Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Web Publishing Experiments

Traditional publishing model with some interesting twists (targeting a literary crowd) - began in 1998.

Interesting site and design:

New iphone subscription ($5.99 for 6 months):

  • mini-subscription to a variety of McSweeney's content
  • access to the free stuff that the website posts every day
  • every week you get a "Small Chair" update. These will be articles from the print versions of McSweeney's or The Believer or a short video from Wolphin. This weekly content is not available on the website, just in the various hard-copy versions of their publications.
I like the blend of traditional paper-bound content, print subscriptions, free online content and newer tech mobile delivery. The key will be if they can find the right balance of price points.

(and for those who like design - here's the Danish designer - http://www.russellquinn.com/)


Jake of All Trades said...

I love McSweeney's. They do so much cool stuff.

I've always been meaning to pick up an issue of "The Believer" but never got around to it until recently. That's where I discovered my newest musical obsession: Benji Hughes.

Check out the article below, then go buy his album immediately...

The Ballad of Benji Hughes

BoRyan said...

Thanks for the music lead.

Just listened on iTunes and bought - I'll be listening to the album while working today.