Sunday, February 14, 2010

Small By Choice

Some great quotes in this article about a small Chicago pizzeria that does it their own way. (via SvN)

Small by Choice, Whether Clients Like It or Not

"That is the American way — to expand without really thinking."

"The customer really isn’t always right."

"I think that perception of arrogance has to do with the sense of entitlement and a lack of respect for someone wanting to do their job. We’re just trying to do the job the best we can. We’re trying to provide a quality experience for everyone who comes in. In the food service business, it’s assumed that the customers have a set of God-given birthrights when they come into an establishment. It’s like they’ve been wronged in a lot of parts of their lives, and this is their chance to even the score."

"From my experience being a designer, once you know in your gut what you’re doing is really good, you just have to go with it. You can’t hold back because there’s going to be one person saying, “I don’t like that purple or that pink.” People are going to be people."

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