Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Download the Internet

OK, I may be missing something here, but this seems like a stupid idea.


Basically, they're saying you can maintain an "offline, cached" copy of a portion of the internet on your computer. Again, if you know ahead of time you may need information from a travelsite, etc., then this may be useful. There's been software to do that for a long time.

But (at least for me) I find that much of the time I'm actively searching sites that use databases to dynamically present information on the page.

I liked this quote from Webaroo's website:

"It's fast -- searches run and pages load instantly at memory speed"

I'll wait for the version that searches at ludicrous speed.


Angela Copeland said...

Thanks Jacob for your post... it's good to know I'm not alone on the dentist thing.

Downloading the internet to your computer? What's the purpose of the internet then...?

Angela Copeland said...

P.S. Has anyone checked out BoRyan's other blog - http://www.rootbeerrocks.com/? :-D

Jake of All Trades said...

I'm with you on mostly using database sites, plus sites providing "live" information. This might be worth looking at, but I don't necessarily get it.

Funny aside: When I first read your post quickly, I thought this line said "transvestite" instead of "travelsite"

"if you know ahead of time you may need information from a travelsite, etc"