Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Like My Man Jack Bauer

Thoughts on yesterday's episode of 24 below, specifically the 2 pieces of this season that don't quite fit and will hopefully be explained in coming weeks. I know it's technically off topic for the blog, but I've always wanted to post spoilers in secret white text on white background blog style. Highlight below to read:

Also leaving spoiler space here, as I'm not sure how an RSS reader will handle the white on white hidden text. If I ruined the episode for you, leave a comment with the name of your RSS reader and how it handled things.

(Incidentally, the RSS thing may have brought this back on topic, though we still need to define what "on topic" is since we haven't really been discussing Towform in the acronym sense of the word...)


1. I'll suspend my disbelief enough to allow that Evelyn recorded a conversation, but how did she manage to leave, open a safety deposit box, hide the tape recorder, and come back to the retreat without anyone from the conspiracy having any idea where she hid the evidence? If they were able to find out she had it, they had to be able to find out what she did with it during the her extended lunch/dinner break.

2. With what we learned from the tape and other conversations, President Logan and Christopher Henderson had been conspiring for some time to supply terrorists with nerve gas and use it on American soil. David Palmer found out about the plan, so they decided to kill him. Suspecting (or likely knowing) that Jack Bauer was still alive, they also decide to kill Tony, Michelle, and Chloe since they (along with Palmer) are the only ones who know Jack is alive in an effort to draw him out of hiding. If you know Jack as well as Henderson seems to and as well as Logan should, isn't this the worst plan ever? The last thing you want is to pull Jack out of hiding and set him up.

Irregardless of the above, this season probably ranks 3rd in my book so far as a whole behind seasons 4 and 1, though the first two-thirds of season 2 are still the finest hours.

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BoRyan said...

Nice. I like the creativity with the white-on-white. Until I read what you wrote, I couldn't figure out what was going on. I thought it was a Blogspot issue, and thought I was clever when I attempted to drag highlight.