Thursday, July 06, 2006

Simplified Spelling

Never knew until reading this article that Roosevelt tried to convince the government to start publishing official documents in a "simplified spelling" format. It's quite amusing when the article repeatedly throws in paragraphs like this:

"Carnegie tried to moov thingz along in 1906 when he helpt establish and fund th speling bord. He aulso uezd simplified speling in his correspondens, and askt enywun hoo reported to him to do the saem."

It gets old after awhile (and feels like reading an SMS from a 13 year old), but the story is still pretty fascinating. Plus, I always love Wikipedia articles that have the dreaded "The factual accuracy of this article is disputed" tag at the top.


derteufel said...

Yeah, I read an article about this the other day written ENTIRELY in simplified english. About half way thru the article, I had a distinct urge to find a 13 year old and bludgeon them with my cell phone.

SpaceMonkeyMojo said...

Can you still hear them screaming?