Friday, December 21, 2007

Video from a Time Traveller

Okay, so this could be hoaxed. But its an intriguing story.

A Norwegian man was working on his kitchen plumbing when he claims he inexplicably travelled into the future and met his future self. Bonus: he has video from his mobile.

Yeah, that could be his dad, I guess. And the story is frustratingly light on the details - did he get back? What did they talk about?

But interesting nonetheless. Maybe interesting enough for Jacob to dig up more...


Jake of All Trades said...

Tough to find a concrete source, but it seems to be a viral marketing campaign for AMF Pensions, a Swedish retirement fund company. Pretty creative idea.

Googling: "AMF Pension" "Time Travel" starts to put the puzzle together.

Disappointing that Google Language Tools and Babelfish don't do Swedish>English translations, as I'd love to dig into the traveler's blog.

SpaceMonkeyMojo said...

Very clever. Maybe we can make a fake viral pension ad for your time travel book? :)