Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spinning Woman: Left or Right Brained?

I was listening to someone say today that there's this cool new visual test that will tell you if you're a left or right-brained thinker.

Herald Sun Story
(read this first)

So, I took the above test and low-and-behold it tells me I'm a right-brained thinker, which didn't really jive with the descriptions they give. I definitely share more in common with the left-side.

As a natural skeptic, I found it preposterous that a "test" could tell you something like this.

So, I found a more scientific explanation and of course it's muddier than some "simple minds" would have you think:

Science Line Explanation

And lastly, I still can't see the spinning woman go counter-clockwise. So, I used this to help me:

The Answer

Ah, much better!

What brain side are you?


Jake of All Trades said...

When I first looked it was counter-clockwise. After staring at it for about a minute (and thinking to myself "how could it possibly be clockwise?") it suddenly switched on me and appeared to be going clockwise. Then I couldn't see it the original way anymore. After another minute or two I figured out the trick and was able to make it switch on demand.

My trick: focus on the kneecap of the raised leg. Each time it blends with the standing leg it will seem to switch direction. Or at least that works for me.

Which brain does that make me?

SpaceMonkeyMojo said...

Mine says I'm right-brained - but by squinting a bit at the shadow I can easily switch back and forth.

I agree, these kinds of perceptual tests are dubious at best to determine what kind of personality you are. I know this: that's a damn hot silhouette.