Thursday, June 08, 2006

24: The Movie

Hit TV show '24' coming to big screen

Most disturbing quote in the article is this:

"However, the paper said the "24" movie would likely abandon the TV show's distinctive real-time conceit, meaning that all the murder and mayhem will no longer be squeezed into one day."

I mean, what's the point? The only way to do this right is similar to how the X-Files did it. Make a 22 episode season, and have the last 2 realtime hours be the movie. Or make the movie the first two hours. Or make it first or last, but "bonus hours" of a 26 hour day.

You could even do it as the bridge between seasons like they do in the 12 minute DVD things, with a semi-related real 2 hours between seasons. (It would be perfect to do it this way right now. 2 hours on Jack's escape from the cliffhanger predicament, clearing the way for "normality" by 24 standards to start next season.)

If this turns into "CTU: The Movie," all they'll do is alienate fans.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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