Thursday, June 15, 2006

What users hate most about Web sites

Too many sites are low on usability and high on annoyance

Interesting article on what users hate about websites. The obvious flash intros and intrusive ads (I won't assault you with a sample). The not so obvious observation is "right side blindness"; people are started to ignore the right side of pages because that's typically where ads appear.

I know when I was redesigning the Avtech Research site I thought back to my days as a surfer and remembered how much I hated it when a company buried their contact information in some obscure section of the site. Even with my VERY limited experience with web design I knew that was going to be a cornerstone of the site.


Jake of All Trades said...

Good article. And very true.

PS: Good to have you actively in the Towform fold. Now where's Gary?

derteufel said...

He's coming to Vegas for the July 4th weekend. I'll get him licquored up and berate him about it.