Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Prototype 3D desktop for Windows

Very interesting video demonstration of a 3D desktop for Windows called Bumptop. It tries to emulate some of the messy, but intuitive, organizational aspects of a real world desk.

I'm not sure it has much of a chance of supplanting the every day computer desktop, but it's certainly an innovative concept and has a very Apple look to it.


Jake of All Trades said...

Neat! Very slick too, though I agree it's more cool than useful.

Sort of reminds me (conceptually, not visually) of the Clutter music organizer for the Mac.

BoRyan said...

This is fascinating. Cool find. (yeah, i'm catching up on my reading).

While such an interface would take some getting used to, the only big "omission" is the semantics of file and folder names that I'm so used to.

They didn't discuss this much in the demo, but I think they need to find a way to intuitively include that as well when working with piles.