Saturday, June 17, 2006

Google Cars, etc.

Lifehacker had a post about this, pretty neat.

Search for used cars on Google, and get a box to narrow things down at the top, and then an "official" Google Maps mashup powered by Google Base.

Digging in deeper, there are similar integrations for things like Apartments and Jobs.

More and more like the surfboard every day, eh?


Angela Copeland said...

Wow, cool- I LOVE this feature!

The best news for me? It looks like my Saturn hasn't depreciated much since I bought it 3 years ago!

(Are you thinking, "Angie drives a Saturn?" Yeah, long story... but, it's a good car. :-) )

Jake of All Trades said...

I drive a Saturn too. Got it new October of 1998 and every mile on it is mine...