Thursday, June 22, 2006


Waxing nostalgic and came across our first bit of press from back in the day.

March 2, 2000
Leave the surfing to the pros, please

What struck me the most was this closing line:

"As well as iNetNow works, I'd like to think that there's something wrong with the search engines and Web browsers, not the people using them. While iNetNow may have discovered an untapped market in serving busy travelers, it could end up making much more by designing a smarter search program."

It's close to spot on, but just off center. The magic was in the software, period. The service was convenient, the idea brilliant, and the passion of the people on the front lines kept us alive. But what we were actually onto was so far ahead of its time we never realized it, even in the end. Smarter interfaces make smarter people. The Surfboard gave birth to that, and where the customer care/tracking/automation bits of Zuma ended up all but nailed it. If only we knew...

There is no wheel!

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BoRyan said...

I agree. Never even realized what we were on to. Web 2.0 is certainly upon us now.