Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Are you a bad customer?

Great MSN article on the ways some companies "dis-incentivize" their problem customers.

My favorite?

Long Holds
Many banks and brokerage firms have established special, faster phone lines for their wealthier clients. Some go even further: They figure out which customers cost them money -- regardless of their total account balances -- and shunt them to the back of the line. Fidelity Investments took this approach several years ago to customers who were tying up their phone representatives, including one client who called thousands of times a year. Fidelity then focused on teaching these folks how to use the company’s Web site and automated phone systems.

I can think of one or ten iNetNow customers I would have liked to "dis-incentivize".


Jake of All Trades said...

I remember we considered doing something like this, but then decided it wasn't morally right. Instead we decided it was more appropriate to change the terms of service for everyone based on the "needs" of the blind...

Angela Copeland said...

I must say, this is why I've kept my accounts with First TN since moving to CA. They have always given me extemely specialized service. Now that I'm in California, I have my own "personal banker" who I can e-mail with questions and who sends me thank you notes each time I make a deposit. Now that's service! :-)